facts about me

Alright, since some people were interested in a translation of my previous blogposts and I really don’t wanna do my english homework right now, we find ourselves at this point. (btw I’m sitting in my school, surrounded by scary silence, waiting for „Ms. Steal your girl“ (my host sister Sarah) to finish student council)

Here we go;)

1. To start with the obvious stuff, my name is Luisa, but most of my friends call me Lulu/Isi/Ottie, and I’m currently 17 years old.
2. I’m an absolute TV-show addict. (…I’m not gonna lie.. there was a time in my life, I took my cellphone with me, when I had a shower to watch Vampire Diaries) At the moment I’m watching „Ru Paul’s Dragrace“ with Sarah and I can highly recommend it.
3. I love to see the numbers of my birthday (24/7)….which is not that uncommon here in Canada, since basically every second Fast Food shop is open 24/7.
4. I have bangs and I absolutely hate it if they don’t look the way I want them to.
5. I celebrated 15 birthdays before I realized that I pronounced and wrote a German word wrong my entire life.
6. I’ve known my best friend, Lotty, since I was nine months old.
7. I love traveling and I’m trying to get to know as many cultures and countries as I can.
8. My favourite deodorant is only available in France, which is pretty crappy…
9. I often talk about unbelievable, unecessary things that nobody cares about.
10. I looooooove pasta and I could eat it every single day, for breakfast, lunch AND dinner.
11. I have the feeling that I’m the most physically inflexible person in this entire world.
12. To the chagrin of my environment I’m a perfectionist.
13. I love puns and it sucks that most of my favourite German puns make absolutely no sense in English.
14. I often think strangely, which a good many times leads to the situation that my counterpart does not understand what I want to tell them.
15. I play the piano and I used to play Volleyball in Germany. Here in Canada, I did X-Country in spring, curling over the last few month and 2 weeks ago I started Kickboxing.
16. I can keep pretty much anything, my mom is not really excited about this. She used to call me her little compulsive hoarder kid:)
17. If something makes me feel uncomfortable, I either wave or stick out my tongue.
18. 85% of the year, I wear my Dr.Martens.
19. I started skiing when I was 2½ years old.
20. I love photography, but unfortunately I’m not photogenic….whatever, shit happens;)
21. I sort my books by colour.
22. I have two filofaxes (day planner) and I like pretty much everything that has to do with retro and vintage stuff.
23. I love puzzling, but it always takes me an eternity until I have the heart to break it again.
24. I can’t stand being late.
25. I ‚m not typically a morning person and need twice as long for everything. That’s why I stopped using make-up on school days since I’m here.
26. My bluetooth speaker is called Mathilda.
27. I definitely don’t have a green thumb.
28. I love surprising other people. It makes me happy and I can’t stop smiling.
29. I have the best big brother in the world;)
30. I am incredibly grateful that my family made it possible for me to spend a year abroad.

If you have any questions, feel free to write them in the comments.
See you next time.

xx Isi