the other side of the story

Alright so let’s get started…. My name is Sarah but you can call me Mrs Steal yo girl cause I’m the chick that saved Luisa from the tragic place she used to call a home. My family and I always knew we wanted to host an exchange student, but we never knew how to get started and that desire was kinda just pushed under the rug for a long time. Then on that fateful day of the halloween dance at our school I met Luisa! I was feeling my oats in a fairy fantasy costume, eyelashes to the gods and highlighter brighter than my future. (By the way I am very Canadian and this stupid German keyboard has the Y in the wrong spot >:( Okay back to story… Luisa was sitting in her short lil blue mini dress with her weird bug/butterfly headband. I knew she was an exchange student and being the absolute weirdo that I am I was like „OMG HIIIIIIII!!11!1!“ (tbh I probably scared the crap out of her lol I am very out there) anyways so I probably scared her shitless and then asked where her and her friends were from and when she said she was from Germany I was like „OMG MY DADS FAMILY IS FROM THERE TOOOOO“ (I am like 50% german so I was like IcH sPrEcHe DeUtScH!!1!1!!1!! I dont actually lol) and that was the end of our first conversation, interesting right? NOT. So we danced together cause I was alone cause my friend hadn’t shown up yet so I was just feelin myself dancin my heart out, getting weird looks from all the exchange students. This was the last time I would talk to Luisa for a while. I didn’t even know her name at this point but thats okay because she never really crossed my mind after that. I told my parents about her the next day and they honestly got really excited and were just kinda like „Invite her over for schnitzel!“ they also asked me what her name was and I couldn’t tell them cause SHE NEVER TOLD ME.
Anyways she followed me on instagram and I seriously got so excited cause at my school the exchange students are their own type of people and are kind of unobtainable in the sense that they don’t want to be friends with the regular students. I felt this a lot cause it always seemed like the exchange students were glaring at me in the hallway. They probably were just thinking ‚wow that chick looks like she’s having a rough time‘ when in reality I was really just trying my hardest and their stares were NOT helping.

I always smiled at her though and wanted to be friends with the Canadian students. (Luisa)

I really wanted and still do want to be friends with all the exchange students because I can only imagine how scary it must have been to come to a new country for school to learn in my second language. Our school is a french immersion school and I am in the French program but I do not think I would ever be able to go to France or Switzerland for school at the moment cause I would be scared out of my mind. But life went on, I continued shamelessly letting my anxiety stalk me through that hallway and school just kinda got worse and worse. My life was pretty much becoming a bottomless dark pit of sadness and then one day when I was watching peoples stories and Luisa’s story popped up and she had a photo of christmas cookies that she made. I recognized them from my omas christmas cookies and decided to dm her (of course its me that made the first move Luisa has no guts >:( I messaged her saying that my oma makes the same cookies and that kipful and the jam filled ones were my favourite. From there we started talking and kept chatting until midnight on a school night. I figured out Luisa was not the stuck up snooty girl I thought she was and we planned a meeting at the library to talk and get to know eachother more. Throughout about 4 weeks we continued meeting and eventually she came over to my house for schnitzel, and then for a sleep over, and then to go to Kingston. While talking Luisa expressed how uncontent she was at her current house and she even asked (jokingly) if she could move in with me and I replied (seriously) Yes, you can. One thing led to another and Luisa told her host mother that she wanted to move in with me! Luisa came with my family and I to visit my fathers family for christmas, after that she moved in and the rest is history!

+ And now we are Ru Paul besties and she loves me even though I kicked her ass at bowling;) (addition from a laughing Luisa trying to copy Sarah’s coarse writing style)

I am so happy to have met Luisa. She came into my life during a very dark time and seriously helped me through some horrible breakdowns and I am hashtag blessed to have her living with me. I genuinely don’t know what I’m going to do when she leaves :,( Maybe I’ll have to sneak in her luggage and surprise her when she gets back to Germany! Lord knows the tears and snot canundram the airport is going to be when she leaves. PRAY FOR ME YALL maybe I’ll just hide her as an illegal immigrant lol.

I hope you enjoyed this slight cameo of Luisa’s host sister and hopefully if you enjoy there will be more appearances! *eyebrow waggle*

Lots of Love,

Sarah <3